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Welcome to Lix Creative; boutique studio of award-winning artist, illustrator and photographer Lix North.


Lix creates work for public exhibition, private and commercial commission, print and digital media.


Project and commission enquiries, large or small, are welcome.




Crafting a world where minds bend spoons and crows wear clownish clogs, Lix’s eclectic, technically extraordinary, and often darkly humorous, commentary on societal, political and  psychological foibles has earned her critical acclaim. She is capable of a level of realism that almost steps off the canvas and is known for balancing contemplative space with elements of exquisite detail… [MORE]



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A chameleon of styles, Lix switches and blends illustrative techniques, mediums and aesthetics to suit each individual project…



Lix has been creating album cover artwork and visual promotion for the music industry for over 15 years under the studio name Wealth & Hellbeing Creative.


Lix’s clients are discerning recording artists, bands, record labels, publishing companies, music journalists and recording studios that understand how important first and lasting impressions are in this rapidly evolving industry… [MORE]



As a photographer Lix seeks the imperfections that make each of us, each fleeting moment, and the world around us, utterly unique. She strives to capture our points of difference, our foibles and eccentricities, our daydreams and delusions, our innate temporality.


Lix believes that in the juxtaposition of wonderful strangeness lies an exquisite, honest beauty far greater than that built on pure symmetry, calculable balance or flawlessness… [MORE]



Fresh from the studio…

  • Lix North Exhibition Opening 2018
    New Work: Lux ex Tenebris Exhibition

    I’m delighted to announce Lux ex Tenebris (Light from the Darkness) my upcoming exhibition at Lethbridge Gallery, Paddington, Apr...

  • Onespace Afterimage ltd edition prints by Lix North, 'East of the Mountains', 'West of the Sea', Fish Lane Murals 2017
    Ltd Ed. East & West Prints

    I’m honoured to be one of 25 artists featured in Onespace Gallery’s Afterimage Editions 2017 print exhibition. My two Fish ...

  • west_and_east_by_lixnorth_fishlane_2017
    Fish Lane Murals

    It turns out I am, quite literally, HUGE in South Brisbane.   Earlier this month I finished work on two 10.5m high x 4m wide murals...

  • 'Mr. George Fish and His Marvellous Monocular' by Lix North, oil on tyvek paper, 296mm x 360mm, © 2017
    The Marvellous Monocular

    ‘Mr George Fish and His Marvellous Monocular’, a new portrait in oil on Tyvek paper, 360mm x 296mm.   Mr George Fish, na...



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